January 16, 2010


Meet Sophie, She is a little Queen Anne inspired doll standing just over 9 1/2" tall.

She is getting ready to go to the Valentines Day dance with her sisters.

Sophie is hoping she will meet the man of her dreams there. She does have her eye on certain gentleman.

She has heard by a reliable source that he will be attending and with out a young lady accompanying him.

Sophie is so thrilled she can hardly wait to get their.
Sophie, I hope you and your sisters have a lovely time.

Sophie is an original and a one of a kind dolly. Her head and hands are hand molded from paper clay and her body and legs are made from new cloth.
Sophie has been dressed using antique and vintage tidbits. Sophie will come to you signed and dated and with her very own hand made stand.
She and her stand will come to you signed and dated.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look,
God Bless,
Thank You so much!