January 10, 2009

A little info about the Dolls

Each of the ladies are dressed using antique and vintage materials and each carries a little token of love for their sweetheart. A little cone filled with their love with a little heart attached each one.Each doll has a differant personality which is evident just by looking at them. Little belle is a little angel who has been helping cupid bring people together in love on Valentines day. She has secretly been in love with Cupid for some time now and she is finally going to tell him.Then there Valentine who has just meet the man of her dreams and waits excitedly for him to take her to the Valentines day dance. Catherine, who has been married for years to her best friend waits excitedly for her husbands return home from a business trip in the city. Little Lydia who has been in love with the boy next door all her life and what she doesn't know is that he going to purpose to her on Valentines day. Last but not least, there is Hannah A free spirit and a newly married bride who is planning a little surprise for her sweetheart. Each of the ladies heads and hands where made from hand molded paperclay. No mold where used. Paper clay is a new material for me and I just love it. I will continue to make dolls using paper mache but I am also going to continue making dolls from paperclay also. Their bodies and legs are made from new cloth. Belle, Valentine, and Lydia have all painted on features and Hannah and Cathrine have black glass seed bead eyes and shoes made from vintage paper. I hope you enjoy this little token of love , Julie P.S. The date above the ladies says January 8th, Thats the day I started to down load them on my draft.I have no clue how to get rid of the date . If you are interested in purchasing a doll you can email at; juliebailey60@yahoo.com


Heather said...

They're gorgeous! I especially love Hannah and Valentine. Beautiful work!~

Baggaraggs: said...

Hey Julie, I am hosting a free giveaway on my BLOG. come sign up Robin