July 20, 2011

Ladye Christiana - SOLD, Thank you so much.

Meet Ladye Christiana, She is a Queen Anne Inspired lady and she stands just over 17" tall.She is dressed in her finest today. All though she has no special plans. She felt the need to pamper herself.

She is quite proud of her hat for she made it herself. She is thinking about taking a walk through the garden. It is quite windy and hot out today. So she undecided if she wants to leave the shade or not.

But if she is going to show off that hat she is going to have to take that walk. What is a girl to do. I say stay cool Christiana, I think you will have another chance and a nicer day to show off that hat. It is quite befitting for such a proper lady.

Ladye Christiana is completely hand made. I hand molded her head and hands from paper clay and her body and legs sewn from cloth.
Christiana's dress is made from a beautiful piece of vintage flounce and from parts of antique bobbin lace. She is trimmed in vintage tulle and lace. Christiana also carries with her a little cream strawberry made from new silk and vintage seam binding.
Christiana's hat is made from vintage straw and vintage net , flowers and seam binding.
She has all painted on features and has a beautiful wig made from hand dyed mohair.
She comes with her very own hand made stand, and both Ladye Christiana and her stand will come signed and dated.

I hope you enjoy visiting this ladye as much as I have enjoyed creating her.
God Bless and stay cool,
SOLD, and going to a wonderful home.

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